Spid rotator RAS/HR

Spid rotator RAS/HR
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This package includes MD-01 or MD-02 controller controller, Rotator, CD and mouse. Notiyf us which controller you want to have.

SPID HIGH RESOLUTION ROTOR for Azimuth & Elevation

RESOLUTION: 0.2 Degree !

SPID RAS/HR and MD-02 is a high persision (track) rototator system

Rotor Controller MD-02 has many functions which can be configured by the user.

For continuous operation a Dual Voltage power supply, type PS-02 is recommend.

SPID RAS/HR rotor is a Dual engine rotor which has installed 2 position sensors (transsmision 0,125 degree on impulse) counting will be 0,1 degree on impulse and readable at the display. 


New firmware version available for MD-0X with build in SUN and MOON track option.

(No need to connect PC to the controller ! )

If you want to test this Beta version (free) , please let us know by mail: sales@rfhamdesign.com


To control the rotor through the MD-02 controller module you need 4-core control cable (2*1.5mm2) to control the Azimuth engine and 8-core to detect the positions sensors.

* RAS/HR will handle Medium systems arry's or Parabolic dishes. 

SPID RAS/HR rotator can be mount on a pipe of max. 68mm.

We can offer you several mounting brackets which can be used to interface between rotor and your antenna

Note: For smooth Elevation rotation it is recommended to add counterweights to this section to creare balance

Display MD-02

SPID RAS/HR set is delivered incl.:

* High Resolution RAS/HR Rotor

* MD-02 Rotor Controllor with Display

* MD-01dde Software (to control rotor from PC)

* Build in track interface MD-02 (USB)

* USB driver

* Connectors

Specifications /HR Rotator:

* Double metal worm gear drive reduction for holding position in the wind

* High torque low voltage DC motor.

* Electronic HALL Sensor for position.

* Low backlash.

* Uses 4 core controll cable connection (2-core for each rotator) 

* Uses 8 core controll cable connection for Position sensor

* Free Firmware update through Serial port (free of charge)

* Turning speed rotator: Refer Specifications sheet

* Track software available (0.1dgr resolution): Orbitron, PstRotator, (Moonsked soon available)

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