2 element 27MHz LFA-Q Quad Beam (0.75m)

2 element 27MHz LFA-Q Quad Beam (0.75m)
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A 2 element  27-28MHz (500Khz sections) LFA-Q Quad-style beam antenna. Second Generation LFA Yagi !

The G0KSC LFA-Q beam antenna provides a new slant on the proven quad style beam antenna. The LFA-Q is a super-strong, super-rigid Quad which provides very high levels of gain for it's size, while at the same time maximising all round performance.  Hard to beat with a direct 50 Ohm feedpoint and no matching losses and suppression of unwanted noise due to the closed loop system.

The LFA-Q deploys 2 x 1.25'' square booms, one at the top of the structure and one at the bottom, which enable the antenna to be ultra-rigid and stand up to extreme weather conditions such as severe ice and wind loading.

This 2 element LFA-Q is an excellent option if you do not have space, especially stacked !! 2 at just 7m spacing provides 15.21dBi (when placed 10m above ground)!!

NOTE: With all our HF antennas we can custom design your element taper and element size requirements in order to cater for all weather and installation requirements.  




Gain: 6.98dBi @ 27.5MHz

F/B: 19.86dB @ 27.5MHz

Peak Gain: 7.04dBi

Gain at 10m above Ground: 12.1dBi

Peak F/B: 24.44dB

Power Rating: 15kw+

SWR: Below 1.5:1 from 27.300MHz to 27.700MHz  (Can be adjusted for CWSSB or mixture of both)

Stacking Distance: 6.5-10m ( 9m recommended)

2 Stacked Gain @ 9m spacing: 10.24dBi

2 Stacked F/B: 17.25dBi

2 Stacked Gain @ 5.5m Spacing 10m above ground: 12.1dBi

Boom Length: 0.747m

Distance between booms: 1.6m

Weight: 4.57KG / 10.1LB

Turning Radius: 2.82m / 9.5ft

Wind Loading: 0.27 Square Metres / 2.86 Square feet

Wind Survival: 184KPH 

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