10-30 MHz LPDA

Brand: M2
Product Code: M2-10-30LP8
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Twenty years of log periodic engineering and field experience have gone into the design of the 10-30LP8HYBRIDlog periodic. The result is a rugged, versatile antenna with excellent performance over a 20 MHz bandwidth. It’s designed for years of trouble free service, featuring machined, 1/2” thick element-to-boom clamps, massive solid fiberglass rod center insulators, stainless steel hardware, and elements sleeved to achieve at least the 100 MPH wind survival rating. A broadband 3000 Watt 4:1 ferrite balun is supplied. Maritime, Government, Commercial, MARS, Amateur Radio communications and Shortwave listening are among 10-30LP8’s many, many uses. For receive only, it works extremely well from 1 to 100 MHz. This log will survive many years of all Mother Nature has to offer and continue to provide top performance with minimal maintenance. Stack with the 6-10LP5 for complete, efficient coverage from 6 to 30 MHz.


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