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 This antenna was inspired by Ray Grenier, K9KHW. Countless hours of computer optimization, range confirmation and on the air testing have resulted in a truly remarkable antenna. The 6M9KHWA is capable of producing moon echoes when pointed at rising or setting moon and running the legal power limit. If you can hear your own moon echoes over a one half million mile path, just think what it could do for your signal on long haul tropo, meteor scatter or just an ordinary E or F2 opening. And for the adventurous, imagine what four would do. The 6M9KHWA boom center sections are 2.5” dia. & the rest of the sections all telescope in 1/2” or 1/4” increments. It will survive horrible conditions (100 MPH). This antenna is fed with a new hairpin design to optimize VSWR and new 1:1 balun, designed more rugged than the previous feed. Rugged 1/2” X 40” element center sections and 3/8” dia. tips mounted on machined, “slip on” element to boom clamps guarantees this antenna will stay up for years to come.


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