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This dual polarized yagi was computer designed for the seriousMoonbouncer. The very good G/T is a result of low side and back lobes. and the design has been optimized for stacking (see patterns). This antenna is remarkable in that the stacking gain for four antennas exceeds 6 dB. Coupled with various Polarity Diversity Switching schemes, you have a moonbounce package that easily outperforms larger, conventional arrays in receive capabilities. Simple relay switching can provides 4 different types of discrete receiving polarizations: Horizontal, Vertical, Right Orthogonal, and Left Orthogonal. You are always within a few 10ths of a dB of the peak signal you are seeking. Signal losses from spacial polarity and Faraday rotation virtually disappear. EME reliability approaches 100%. M2's new 2MXP28 antennas, power dividers and phasing lines (using Times' new light-weight, low-loss LMR400 and/or LMR600 cable) coupled with ‘T’ brace kits and fiberglass H-frame packages, provide the building blocks for a whole new generation of high performance EME arrays.


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