4 port 1/2wl 1296MHz 50 Ohm power divider

4 port 1/2wl 1296MHz 50 Ohm power divider
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  • Brand: InnovAntennas
  • Product Code: 4 port 1/2wl 1296MHz 50 Ohm power divider
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A 4 port antenna splitter/divider for stacking or phasing 4 x 1296MHz antennas

Our power divider allows you to stack and phase your antennas 'the right way'! Rather than using coax cables of varying impedance and quality, the InnovAntennas power splitter allows you to use quality, transmission grade 50 Ohm coax cable from your rig right up to the antennas themselves. No 'special' lengths of coax need to be cut either, provided the 4 runs of coax from the splitter to the antennas are the same length, you are good to go!


Product Specifications

  1. Stainless Steel Fittings
  2. Silver Plated N type (female) connectors throughout
  3. Gold plated N type center pins
  4. Mill finished for highest levels of accuracy
  5. Uninterrupted  air-spaced dielectric ensuring constant impedance throughout
  6. 2kw power rating (1kw continuous)
  7. Length 135mm



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