7 and 10-30 MHz LPDA

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Model 7-10-30LP8 Log Periodic
Frequency range:  10-30 MHz continous, and a separate frequency tunable from 6.6 to 8.6 MHz.
Typical gain 6 dBd 10-30 MHz and 3 dBd @ 7 MHz
Front to back, Typical 15 dB 10-30 MHz and 6 dB @ 7 MHz
Beamwidth 65° E and 75° in H plane
Feed impedance 50 Ohms unbalanced into 4:1 Balun
VSWR 1.8:1
Input Connector SO-239 standard. N type available
Power Handling 3 kW standard, Higher available
Boom length / diameter: 30 Ft / 3.0in X .125 wall
Bom längd / dia: 9,15 m/ 76 mm x 3,2mm godstjocklek.
Maximum element length: 49.66 Ft.
Max element längd: 15,14 m
Turning radius 28 Ft.
Svängradie: 8,54 m.
Wind Area / Survival 13 Sq. Ft. / 100 MPH (125 MPH avail.)
Vind area: 1,21 kvm.Max vindhastighet: 160 km/h, tillval för 200km/h.
Weight / ShipWt. 110 lbs / 120 lbs TRUCK ONLY
Vikt: 50kg. Med emballage: 54,5 kg.
This special skip frequency hybrid log periodic is a rugged versatile performer designed for years of trouble free service. For the amateur radio operator it covers SEVEN Amateur Bands with high efficiency and no traps! Machined aluminum element to boom clamps and solid fiberglass rod center insulators are just a few of the unique structural features in this remarkable antenna. The 7 &10-30LP8 is a single, economical antenna system that matches up with todays modern solid state equipment and keeps you competitive on every frequency on every band instantaneously. Low windload and less weight put less demands on the rotator and tower structures.Maritime, Government, Commercial, MARS, Scientific and Amateur users are finding the 7 &10-30LP8 reliably fills a variety of communication requirements. When properly installed at 65 feet or higher this eight element antenna is a world wide, world-class performer. Solid electrical and structural design will maintain communications when other antennas have long since faded into the noise.

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