23cm preamp

23cm preamp
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Model: VV 1296


The picture for this product shows a similar preamp called VV 144 and is for 2m/144MHz. 

This preamplifier module for 23 cm is to connect to available coaxial relays and does not have any switching relays.

Technical Data 

frequency range: 1240 - 1300 MHz 

noise factor: 0,8 - 1,2 dB 

gain: about 20 - 25 dB, on desire 

standard: 20 dB 

current supply: 13,5 Volt, ca. 50 mA 

HF-connectors: N-/BNC-/SMA-sockets or 

input: N-connector 

output: N-/BNC-/SMA-socket

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