432 MHz preamp

432 MHz preamp
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Model: MVV 432-VOX

Low-noise, largesignal-firm 70-cm-mast preamplifier in weatherproof mast housing from ABS plastic. The amplifier can be fixed by a clamp on masts with up to 56 mm in diameter. All screws as well as the handle of the mast clamp consist of stainless VA steel.

Within the mast housing the amplifier is put in a shielded metal housing.

The transmission receive switching starts from a transmitting power of 100mW input automatically via HF-VOX, but can also be controlled by PTT as all our preamplifiers. HF-VOX possesses an adjustable switch-off delay, which preserves the relay contacts in SSB mode.

Technical Data

frequency range: 430 - 440 MHz

noise factor: 0,8 - 1,2 dB

gain: ca. 22 dB, max. 26 dB

transmit-receive-switching: HF-VOX or PTT-controlled

certified transmitting power:

VOX-mode: 350 Watts SSB

200 Watts FM

PTT-mode: 750 Watts SSB

250 Watts FM

current supply: 13,5 Volt, ca. 200 mA

supply: remote supply over coaxial cable or separate line

insertion loss: < 0,5 dB

sensitivity HF-VOX: ca. 100 mW

connection standard: N - standard - sockets

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