ROT1Prog controller

ROT1Prog controller
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Control box for all AlfaSpids AZ rotators which does not have the H/R (high resolution) indication.  It is only the BIG rotators which are supported to be used with 24V voltage, all others are max 18V. 

Please consider that the engine in the rotator can draw quite a lot of current in the startup, peaks up to 10A. So please think about that when choosing power supply and thickness of the cabling. Connections 1 and 2 (and 5 and 6 if rotator has elevation) is the feed to the motor. If voltage drops too much because of poor cabling or power supply you could lose pulses and then the indication is not accurate, even though it is easy to recalibrate it is unnecessary.


This controller is also used or the EL rotator, which only has elevation.

Shipment includes CDROM with software, mouse for (optional) control and USB cable to connect to PC. 


Recommended software to use: PSTrotator by YO3DMU. Besides this software, most software on the market for rotator control supports the AlfaSpid rotators.

The control box can also emulate Yaesu, Orion and HyGain. Which expands the possibilities for computer control even more. 


If you want more configuration options, like soft start/stop or use AlfaSpids H/R rotators you will have to choose the MD01 (rack mounted) or MD02 controller.



Power Supply:12V – 18V DC (max 24V for BIGRAK)

Input signal:pulses

Stock:Electronical -180 +180 degree

Dimentions:120 x 35 x 220 mm

Output:USB port for connection to PC (Optional COM 9 – RS 232)

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