50 MHz preamp

Brand: SHF Elektronik
Product Code: MVV 50-2
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Model: MVV 50 / 2


With two switchable antenna inputs! 

The MVV 50/2 corresponds to MVV 50 - VOX in structure and circuit. 

2 different antennas can be attached by an additional integrated antenna reverse current relais, which can be selected by a 12 Volt switch voltage.

Technical Data: 

frequency range: 50 - 52 MHz, also available for other frequency ranges 

noise factor: F = 0,6 - 0,9 dB 

gain: 10-22 dB, adjustable 

transmit-receive-switching: automatic via HF-VOX or PTT-controlled 

certified transmitting power: 


250 Watts SSB 

200 Watts FM 

PTT-mode : 

750 Watts SSB 

250 Watts FM 

sensitivity HF-VOX: about 100 mW 

insertion loss in transmit mode: 0,3 dB max. 

current supply: 13,5 Volt, about 100 mA 

supply: over separate line 

HF-connection type: N - standard - sockets 

special: two switchable antenna inputs

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