M2 420-50-11

M2 420-50-11
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The 420-50-11 has been computer designed to cover the entire amateur 70 CM band. It is ideal for repeater linking or any point to point application. Comparing it to a common reference, the KLM 420-450-11, it has the same usable bandwidth with a full one dB more gain and the pattern is much cleaner. Clean patterns in most applications provide more reliable communications with less intermod. An optional stacking harness is available when more than one antenna is required for reduced beamwidth or additional gain. Because the antenna covers the whole band, many users find it a natural for ATV and general repeater use. Users are surprised by the performance of this compact but potent antenna. Construction is classic M2 for long term electrical and mechanical integrity. Elements are 3/16” 6061-T6 rod, mounted through the boom on UV stabilized insulators and locked in place with stainless steel shaft retainers. The driven element module is CNC machined and all connectors O-ring sealed. Internal connections are encapsulated in a space-age silicone gel with nearly 4 times the dielectric strength of air. Balun connectors are triple-sealed to the coax.

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