M2 70cm HO LOOP

M2 70cm HO LOOP
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The new 432 HO LOOP provides easy SSB and CW communications out to 200 miles or more. HO LOOPS produce an omnidirectional, HORIZONTALLY polarized signal ideal for mobile and base operations. Horizontal polarity permits the HO loop to pick up 5 dB from ground gain that verticals don’t get. As with most horizontally polarized antennas, performance improves dramatically with height above ground. By stacking two HO LOOPS, another big gain jump occurs (see pattern and note the great reduction of high angle lobes). For terrestrial use, the HO LOOP does not need groundplane, so mounting options are simplified. Mounting over a car roof at 6 to 10 inches produces 2.5 dBd gain dome shaped pattern upward for LEO satellite operation while still maintaining modest terrestrial performance.Physically, the 432 HO loop is a 4.313” square loop, fabricated from two 1/4” dia. aluminum rods to minimize losses. The sealed feed block provides weather protection with minimum win for single band mobile operation.d drag. The heart of this unique design is the shorted stub matching to a 50 ohm coax feedline. Mounting is via a single 3/8" hole ( standard for most mobile hardware).For more performance, try the HO LOOP-STACK PACKAGE:2 HO LOOPS, phasing lines, “T” junction block, upper and lower 1/2” mast sections. For easy base-station installation, use the optional wall or mast mounting bracket and U-bolts. For a powerful mobile signal, stack and array of HO LOOPS on our optional “BIG FOOT”, mag-mount shown above). Use the optional 5” magnet and the 18" mast.

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