6el (3H/3V) 144MHz XPOL MAP65 Yagi

6el (3H/3V) 144MHz XPOL MAP65 Yagi
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The G0KSC LFA (Loop Fed Array) Yagi has quickly become 'the one to have'  if you are looking for serious weak signal work on the bottom of the 2m band. The LFA Yagi has been specifically designed to ensure the lowest levels of unwanted noise are received. The compliment of a tight, highly suppressed pattern and closed loop fed system ensure everything from rain static to man-made noise are heavily reduced.

The LFA is especially effective for EME where very low noise antennas are required and many hours development have been spent ensuring the highest levels of performance have been achieved in an antenna that is not affected by wet weather conditions. As a single, double and 4 stack system, the LFA Yagi is the one to have.

The LFA loop along with the great pattern helps to reduce noise and ensure the very best user experience with the weakest signals being heard not lost in noise. Designed with the very latest modelling software packages costing 10's of thousands of pounds, not 30 year old software costing around $100.00 !! Accuracy in model and real-world performance assured.

Our antennas are constructed with the best quality materials in order that the best mechanical construction can be achieved, not the cheapest and most profitable! Even a digital caliper is used (with an accuracy of .01mm) to measure the elements during production to ensure they are within 0.2mm of what they should be, ensuring they work as well as our software model predicts.

  1. Marine grade Stainless Steel Fittings*
  2. Original Stauff insulator clamps
  3. Mill finished for highest levels of accuracy

If you are looking for the best of the best from both a performance and mechanical construction perspective then look no further, you have come to the right place!


Gain: 8.67dBi @ 145.00MHz

F/B: 19.86dB @ 145.00MHz

Peak Gain: 8.96dBi

Gain at 10m above ground: 13.24dBi

Peak F/B: 20.07dB

Power Rating: 5kw

SWR: Below 1.4.1 from 144.00MHz to 146.00MHz

Boom Length: 67cm - 80cms rear mount

Weight: 2Kg / 5LB


Wind Loading: 0.05 Square Metres / .052 Square feet

Wind Survival: 160KPH+ / 100MPH

Other options available if higher wind loading/survival is required.

Following figures calculated at 144.300MHz

Stacking Distance H+V: 2m



This antenna has all parasitic elements made from  1/4 inch aluminum rod. The LFA loop is constructed from 4 pieces of aluminum tube. The sections in-line with the parasitic elements are 1/2 inch while the end sections of the loop are 3/8 inch allowing the user to adjust the loop for best SWR. All elements are fully insulated from the boom held in place by high quality UV resistant, RF neutral insulators which in-turn are held to the boom via Marine grade stainless steel fixings and fittings.

The boom is 1.25 inch square (31.75mm). No boom guy is needed with this antenna

If you want an antenna to last and perform in all weathers without SWR or bandwidth shifting, this is it!


Manufactured the right way, not the cheapest way!

* Where possible marine grade stainless steel components are used.


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