FSP 2400

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Model: FSP 2400


För att spänningsmata våra preamps för 2300-2400MHz genom koaxialkabeln, så slipper ni installera en signalkabel enbart för detta.

If there is no separate operating voltage line available, Remote Supply Switch FSP 2400 is able to supply operating voltage of a 13cm mast preamplifier (e.g. MVV 2400-VOX) over coaxial cable. The Remote Supply Switch is put in a shielded tinplate housing and constructed with SMD-technology. 

Antenna and Receiver are connected with precise N-standard sockets. 

Operating voltage for the mast preamplifer is supplied by way of a cinch socket.

Technical Data: 

frequency range: 2300 - 2500 MHz 

insertion loss: <= 0,8 dB 

transmitting power: 100 Watts SSB, 40 Watts FM 

dimensions: about 37 x 37 x 30 mm 

connection type: HF / power supply N - standard - sockets / Cinch-socket

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