Remote controlled antenna switch

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The AS 4X1 HF-Switch has got 4 inputs and/or outputs and another single input and/or output. It is useable for universal bi-directional switching for transmitting and receiving purpose in the frequency range from 0-2 GHz. The AS 4X1 is installed in a shielded compact metal housing. Switching takes place remote controlled with a switch current of 12 Volts (three-core). So it is possible to insert the AS 4X1 to arbitrary places of the radio communication system.
Technische Daten  
frequency range:0 -2 GHz
certified transmitting power:25 Watts maximum10 Watts FM
current supply:12 Volts / maximum 50 mA, 3 control cores
transmission loss in transmit mode:less than 0,5 dB@1GHz
connection types:1 antenna connection
3 radio connections
connection standard:N - standard - sockets, also available as BNC
mechanical traits:shieldes tinplate housing been suitable for interior assembly

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