3 element 27MHz LFA-Q Quad Beam (3.2m)

3 element 27MHz LFA-Q Quad Beam (3.2m)
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A 3 element  27-28MHz (500Khz sections) LFA-Q Quad-style beam antenna handles 20KW+ !. Second Generation LFA Yagi !

Demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_PxaPHJY8M&t=34m26s

The G0KSC LFA-Q beam antenna provides a new slant on the proven quad style beam antenna. The LFA-Q is a super-strong, super-rigid Quad which provides very high levels of gain for it's size, while at the same time maximising all round performance.  Hard to beat with a direct 50 Ohm feedpoint and no matching losses and suppression of unwanted noise due to the closed loop system.

The LFA-Q is one of the only 11m antennas on the market that will handle 20KW+ out of the box. If you want to run an antenna that can take power that had excellent gain, look no further than the LFA-Q!

The LFA-Q deploys 2 x 1.5'' square booms, one at the top of the structure and one at the bottom, which enable the antenna to be ultra-rigid and stand up to extreme weather conditions such as severe ice and wind loading.

This 3 element LFA-Q is an excellent option if you do not have space, especially stacked !! 2 at just 8m spacing provides 16.6dBi (when placed 10m above ground)!!

NOTE: With all our HF antennas we can custom design your element taper and element size requirements in order to cater for all weather and installation requirements.  Email us for details.



Gain: 13.81dBi @ 27.5MHz 10m above average ground

F/B: 23.77dB @ 27.5MHz

Peak Gain: 14.01dBi

Peak F/B: 24.00dB

Power Rating: 15kw+

SWR: Below 1.4:1 from 27.300MHz to 27.700MHz  (Can be adjusted for CWSSB or mixture of both)

Stacking Distance: 6.5-9m ( 8m recommended)

2 Stacked Gain @ 9m spacing: 16.64dBi

2 Stacked F/B: 26dBi

Boom Length: 3.2m

Distance between booms: 1.6m

Weight: 9KG / 20LB

Turning Radius: 2.651m / 8.7ft

Wind Survival: 184KPH 

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