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This is the latest in a series of dual polarity Yagis. This antenna stretches the practical limit of 2 meter array boom length and squeezes almost 22 dBd from a quad array. The very good G/T is a result of low side and back lobes The design has been optimized for stacking (see patterns). Simple, one relay switching provides either Horizontal or Vertical polarity and this simple system is never more than 3 dB from optimum. Using more complex switching schemes can provide Horizontal, Vertical, Right Orthogonal, and Left Orthogonal and Right and Left hand circular that can keep you within a few 10ths of a dB of the peak signal you are seeking. Signal losses from special polarity and Faraday rotation virtually disappear. EME reliability approaches 100%. M2's new 2MXP32 antennas, power dividers and phasing lines (using Times' new light-weight, low-loss LMR400 and/or LMR600 cable) coupled with ‘T’ brace kits and fiberglass H-frame packages, provide the building blocks for a whole new generation of high performance EME arrays. M2 also offers 2M FM element set for the vertical elements for users with space limited systems. Call for more information.


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