100MHz to 610MHz Log Periodic Array

100MHz to 610MHz Log Periodic Array
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InnovAntennas design and build Log Periodic Arrays for any bandwidth and for any purpose. Our LPDA's can be designed and built for your specific needs to ensure the absolute best performance can be acheived.

100-LOG-610 - 100MHz to 610MHz Log Periodic Array (LPDA) is a 50Ω direct fed Directional wide band antenna for receiving and transmitting purposes. This antenna can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

As with all InnovAntennas products, only the highest quality materials are used including aerospace grade aluminium and marine grade (A4) stainless steel.

The 100-LOG-610 uses a twin-boom arrangement as a feed line as well as a dipole support. the feedlines are tapered in spacing to remove impedance spikes across its very wide bandwidth which are common in some badly designed LPDA's. 1/2'' diameter (12.7mm) elements are used to ensure maximum gain and bandwidth is acheived along with Front to Back ratio (F/B).

Often, LPDA's are designed with a 200Ω feed point which ensures bandwidth. However, this results in the need for a 4:1 transforming balun which both reduces efficiency and limits any input power too. The 100-LOG-610 has been computer optimised to present a 50Ω feed point to allow for direct connection to ocax cable and thus, power limitations are largely removed.

For all your Log Periodic requirements, contact InnovAntennas

100-LOG-610 Specifications:

Typical Gain: 6.5dBi

Typical F/B: 20dB+

Input power (max): 1Kw

Weight: 1.2Kilos

Wind Survival: 150MPH/250KPH

Contact us with any questions you may have relating to your specific requirements


Pattern overlay between 110MHz and 600MHz showing good F/B throughout 

A vertically mounted 100-LOG-610 including the free Ferrite Core balun (terminated with an N-type Female connector)



A view of the 100-LOG-600 showing the large diameter 1/2'' (12.7mm) diameter elements which improve performance


The 100-LOG-600 on the mast and ready to go!

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